And wither then? I cannot say

Well actually we can say but not entirely :)

Allo everyone, after 2 weeks in Paris we will finally set off into the unknown, the goodbye's are always difficult but inevitabely part of the cycle. We've been weighing every bit of gear, counting grams and trying to make our bags as light as possible, nobody likes to carry a heavy bag after all, so we are set!

From Paris we will head south possibly passing through Fountainebleau to do some climbing and we have the idea to visit some eco villages and some communities who don't use money along the way too which should be magnifique!

Feel free to leave comments if you have any news or anything to say, will drop by again soon!


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  1. So I'm curious how much you bring with you on a trip like this, in terms of both weight and number of items.


  2. Hiya!

    You can actually bring loads of useful items but just have to make sure that they all weigh little amounts and are'nt bulky. We will on average be holding about 8 or 9kg each, which is only considered lightweight, there's the ultralighters that carry anything between 2-4kg!!

    As this is a long journey though we have to think a bit differently and allow for some more adaptable items.

    Here's a an idea of the sort of stuff I'll be carrying (minus food and water)


    - TarpTent Double Rainbow 2 person tent. (1kg)
    - Thermarest Prolite sleeping mat (300g)
    - Alpkit Pipedream sleeping bag (900g)
    - Alpkit bivy (300g) if we want to sleep under the stars :)


    - Meths stove
    - Wood burning stove
    - Trangia pot
    - spork
    - flint and steel


    - Clothes
    - Camera
    - Notebook
    - juggling balls
    - Ukulele :)
    - first aid
    - Rope

    think that's most if it!

    If you're ever needing to buy some gear let me know and I'll try and recommend some good lightweight options.



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