Getting a Chinese visa in Bishkek the slightly cheaper way!

Hello everyone,
I've recently been in Bishkek in order to get a Chinese visa and am happy to share with you some new information. Visa's are'nt something I enjoy having to deal with whilst travelling especially when you're trying to do it on a low budget but here goes...
I wanted to look for somebody besides miss liu to do my visa I did a bit of searching and thanks to a friend I have found a cheaper alternative for all you travellers in Central Asia!! Here's all the information you need....
The cost is $110 for 5 day service and $130 for 3 day service. The registration cost was 500som for 2 people so that must mean 250som each. The visa can be paid for in som or dollars and you can pay when you collect your passport.  All I had to provide on the application day was my passport and 2 of the special size photos, that was it!
She is at 100 Moscovskaya street ( ) just next to a place called 'bereke' and is very friendly and speaks good English. Her number is 0772 577576.
I hope this is useful to you all!

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