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Firstly before I get started I think it's important that we highlight why we may want to travel without money and furthermore live without it. It's important to note that I do not completely disagree with the idea of money, I simply would like to place my reliance outside of it as much as possible due to the nature of how it is currently being created and distributed.

So let's start with a video that will help you to understand just how the inner workings of current economic system play out.

There pretty much identical but here is one for the US

and one for UK

Okay, so hopefully after that you can answer the why to why you would like to travel without money and live with less reliance on it.

Probably the biggest drain on your cash will be on accommodation, but if you're willing to take the rough with the smooth it easy to sleep for no money, as the incredible Taylor said "there is enough space in this world for everyone to sleep". With that in mind you have the obvious option of simply looking for a quiet spot and setting up camp for the night without drawing too much attention to yourself. In fact when you start to look around with the idea in your head of not spending money you find that you see possibilities everywhere and become surprisingly creative. Sometimes, in cities especially you can find squats and even just talking to people and being open and honest can result in a bed for the night, so be confident and positive, know that all you need is a 2m piece of ground somewhere :)
Now for the smooth there is the hospitality websites! These give no money travel a slice of well earned luxury and more than that they give you a chance to see intimately how others live and can create lasting friendships. They mostly work on the basis that you have a profile and send out requests to where you'd like to stay. Here are some options...

- (Great site if you're interested in natural building and need a place to stay)
- (if you're travelling by bicycle) ( house sitting, usually for longer term stays) (in exchange for work you receive food and a bed)

So how to get from A-B or if you really want to be adventurous how to get from A-?
HITCHHIKING! Of course, whether you have a specific destination or just want to roam the
endless roads then hitchhiking is a great way to do it. Yes it can be slow sometimes but the experiences that you have, the people you meet and the unexpected situations you find yourself in make it all worthwhile. Simply find a good spot by the road, somewhere that the cars can stop easily and have a good look at you and stick your thumb up. Keeping a smile on your face always helps and not wearing sunglasses (hat would be better), as people pick up a lot by looking into your eyes. People have hitched all over this earth, even by plane and boat it's possible! in fact nearly every form of transportation has been hitched. Other options could be travelling by bicycle or simply walking. Again it's important not to underestimate the value of just asking, you never know, it's possible to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a cargo ship in 12 days if you're willing to lend a hand.
Some resources for free transport... (video on hitch hiking)

So you can sleep anywhere, stay at people's house, hitch hike or just walk but how do you avoid starving to death? In many ways this is the hardest part as not all of us are used to fasting and the urge for eating can soon lead us to spend money. So firstly if you're in the city you have loads of options, one of them being Dumpster Diving (US) aka Skipping (UK). This is simply the act of taking wasted food from the rubbish bins, It's usually done at night but can be done anytime depending on the place you're in. Other options include simply approaching small food stores/bakery's etc and asking if they have any food they would throw away, if they don't want to just hand it over then ask if you could do some work in exchange for it and they will often give you a great selection to choose from. Foraging can also be very useful, if you know what wild food is in season you can find yourself surrounded by fruits, nuts, greens, mushrooms (be careful) and many more.

Travelling without money can feel like you're taking a lot and not giving back so it's important to find a good balance, if you want to do something to show appreciation for someone that's given you a 500km ride then do it! It all has a way of working itself out.

If however you do find you need some money for things such as a certain food you love or visa's then consider this. Use one of your talents, busk once or twice a week, if you're in Asia or perhaps south America you might want to teach English or another language. In certain countries if you're up for it you can make a decent amount of money fruit picking. You may find by travelling in this way you spend less than 1000 euros a year, so one to two months of work should be able to cover that without a problem!

Also it's worth mentioning that there are many alternative currencies growing as we speak and plenty of people promoting gift economies whereby people share skills, tools etc

I hope you have found this useful :) x

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