Where to go now??

What a dilemma aye?
It's a hard life deciding which beautiful place to go next :)
So after 2 days of walking across the Pyrenees mountains my Ankle was'nt looking so good and was unable to walk again so had to cut the Pilgramage short, will finish it next time!
But still we were now in Spain and after the rain comes the sun, so we got a lift with a long bearded Spanish hippy named Alturo who travels around Europe in his old Ford Pilote campervan and he took us around the most beautiful valleys of the Spanish Pyrenees, we had no idea where we were going but that's what made it so great.
Now were in Barcelona deciding wether to go south towards Morocco and spend the winter there or west to Portugal or perhaps just go east.........any suggestions?
The east is calling!
Good times!

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  1. C'est quoi l'Est ? Italie, Grèce ... ? Il ferait peut-être plus doux au sud du Portugal, mais je connais pas le climat des pays de l'Est en hiver. En tout cas, si vous êtes pas trop loin, on peut venir vous voir... Et au fait, Uli Alto, vous n'y êtes pas allés ?
    Gros gros bisous à tous les deux

  2. Ow! That foot looks painful :-( oh well, the pyrenees aren't going anywhere soon....unlike you :-) what are the eastern options? Xx T xx

  3. Both Portugal and Morocco. :)

    - Lyndsay.

  4. If you have the time why not visit Portugal?...then Morocco you can still go east from there. Enjoy yourselves!



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