Hello and goodbye Slovenia

Well It's only been a few days here in Slovenia but what a welcoming country!
Hitch hiking really sucked in Italy so we had to resort to sneaking on to Trains and avoiding conductors but arriving in Slovenia it was'nt so hard again.
The people we've met here so far have been wonderful, they can't do enough to help you and seem genuinely interested in what we're doing, I suppose that's what you get with smaller lesser known countries.
We have done Couchsurfing here twice now, both around the mountains (there everywhere here) and it's been great, I even got try climbing outside for the first time and what an experience!

Next we head south to Croatia and warmer lands, eventually Greece perhaps to spend the colder months.
If anyone has any recommendations on where or in fact who visit then get in touch! We're still eager to meet different communities and learn more about self sufficient living so will keep our eyes open for that.

Love to everyone.

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  1. Ah la Grèce. Les iles... Santorin, Oia, et Delphes il parait que c'est superbe. Plongez dans la Grèce antique pour découvrir des sites classés au patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco. Delphes, Mycènes et Epidaure. Il parait que sur les îles les habitants sont très accueillants. Gros bisous. Maman



  3. Salut Aurélie & wesley c'est la famille Pereira de Draguignan :)
    Nous venons aux nouvelles, en espérant que votre petit séjour dans les gorges du verdon ses bien passer, apparement vous avez déja passer l'Italie et maintenant la Croatie, c'est que tous se passe bien pour vous en tous cas nous pensons fortement a vous, faite attention et profitez :)
    Et happy birthday à Wesley (en retard, 13 Nov.)
    Good Luck
    Bisous a vous 2 (Sylvie,cha,ema,yann)


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