The long road to Mani


<p dir=ltr>After leaving Koroni we headed to the other side! Mani to be specific, the mountainous vista we've been looking at over the last few weeks. At the end of day one of hitchhiking we had been partially successful and made it to Kalamata, one of the main cities of south Peloponese. Day two and we began again trying to get a lift without success, then I remembered some useful advice 'if you cant get a ride just keep walking' and thats when we saw a beautiful village high up in the hills. So we gave up hitching for the meantime and began our trek, after getting to the village we followed old streets that meandered around olive trees and extremely old and abandoned houses. After almost reaching the top of the mountain and with only Shepherds and perhaps wild boars for company we camped out in a beautiful valley where if you looked hard you could see Koroni on the other side.</p>
The next day low on water and food we begin walking again towards the nearest town, surprisingly we get two lifts, one in the back of a pickup and arrive quickly in a town called Stoupa which we know is close to an English guy who's doing lots of cool ecological stuff! Now we sit in his caravan on his wonderful piece of land where he plans to build a straw bale round house with a permaculture garden and also runs an organisation where he helps lots of people to find places around the world to volunteer for very little or no money.
We will spend a week or so here helping in any way we can and then Sofia will receive her last vaccination and a passport and wither then I do not know....... :)

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  1. Beautiful picture! You look happy :)



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