The search for land in Bulgaria


After we reach the Danube river on the border of Bulgaria we realise that there is no bridge crossing and are forced to pay for transport for the first time and take a ferry for 1 euro. So here we are in bulgaria again but this time we are on the hunt for a piece of land, we started our search around a small town called to pop ovo where we met a lady called kathy from newcastle who has emigrated to begin a new life in bulgaria. Shes has a small estate agency to help repopulate a small village. over 2 days we visited two different pieces of land 1 of which had 11,000 sq meters and many fruit trees and the other had a house and barns, they both had many good points but something was missing so we decided to continue our search as we were looking for more of a mountainous area to live in. we reached the central Balkan mountain range of Bulgaria and spent a few days visiting small villages and getting a feeling of the area .whilst on the road we heard from another hitch hiker about a festival called Uzana so we made our way there, put our tent up any stayed for 3 days in the mountains at 1400 meters. There we met many wonderful people and got many contacts for other places to visit in bulgaria. We helped out a little bit with the guys at the bread house who are doing workshops on building clay and brick bread ovens and teaching about sourdough. We have found ourselves in love with the south west part of the country, the area around Batak lake, the rila and pirin mountains, it seems to tick all the boxes for us but we're still yet to have any opportunities with land here so we'll continue looking. Next we head into the rodopi mountains and see about our luck there.

Love to you all.


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  1. Aurelie, you look like a lady selling pegs for a penny lol. Great photo's by the way. love you both Mummy xxxx


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