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Well sorry it's been a little while,  since we last blogged we have worked out in the forests where I've been able to refresh my knowledge of woodland management that I learnt at CAT (centre for alternative technology) in wales and in exchange we now have enough wood neatly stacked under the stairs to last us until January.
We also have a small car that means no more walking 7km for food and is very fuel efficient.  Whilst you wouldn't think buying a petrol car is the most likely thing for environmentalists like us to do it will help us to gather many materials that will all aid in our eventual dream of being off grid and more low impact. Compost toilets have been made, some vegetables have been planted and we are working in a room to take hot showers with a wood burner.  Inside the house we now have the ceiling to put up and lots of finishing touches and trying to keep the house as warm as possible for the ensuing winter, which were told by some is mild and by others it can reach -30c!!!!

We will welcome both our parents here at the end of October and we can wait to see them. Also we may be hosting our first couchsurfers and volunteers soon too.

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  1. On a hate, on a hate, dans deux semaines le départ, à cette ci nous serons surement à Munich.... Beaucoup de plaisir à lire et voir vos photos sur votre blog. vous me manquez.


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