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Hello everyone,

Since we last blogged we have had a Malaysian volunteer from helpx called Steven with us who has been really great helping us with all sorts of jobs. We've also been hosting our friend Axel and his girlfriend Lu from italy who we walked through Switzerland with earlier in the year. During the last few weeks we've enjoyed many things including planting trees, creating a pond, making furniture,  cooking bread and pizza and taking beautiful walks. In other news we've had lots of snow and some nights it's been as cold as -10°c!

Also we made the difficult decision to get our dog Sofia neutured which seems like it was more stressful for us than her but it's for the best. Speaking of Sofia she has found love in the form of jeck a sheepdog who has adopted us and at any opportunity will escape his home in the village to visit us for many days at a time,  another mouth to feed!

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