Bio Char aka Terra preta


I'd like to share with all of you information about something I have just discovered called 'Bio char' which is charcoal but made from only organic ingredients. It also goes by the name Terra Preta in the Amazon basin which literally means 'black earth'.

You can of course read up on all of this through Wikipedia but what I really wanted to share with you is the positive impact using this resource has both on crops and soil fertility. From what I understand this stuff is very rich in carbon and has considerable effects when mixed into the soil as well as storing much needed carbon back into the soil for 1000's of years!
The main criticisms I see against it are that it can give the soil high ph levels which could have detrimental effects but used responsibly this can be avoided. It's main advantage over regular compost has to be that it will last a lot longer in the soil, trapping that carbon and feeding the plants.

I have added some videos that I think best communicate what it's all about, Enjoy!


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