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I'd like to share with you one project of many that a new friend of mine Nikò Brian started which beautifully combines three loves of mine, travelling, cycling and making music!

He set out on a 5 month trip in 2012 around Europe with his bicycle, fairly normal these days right?
Well yes expect that Niko's panniers were mostly filled with microphones and recording equipment because
his wonderful idea was to record musicians wherever he cycled to, hopefully each one leading him on to the next in a delightfully unpredictable way. What he returned with after the trip was of course many beautiful diverse songs from all over Europe, many good memories im sure and and an inspired following.

Besides the joy of being on the open road it's great to know your purpose of being there and I think this project really reflects the balance of the joy of travel along with having an aim or project very well.

The project was called 'Record and ride' and all of the recordings he gathered on his travels and more information about the trip can be seen on his website.

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