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Sitting here thinking of a topic to blog on I over hear on the TV in a film called Evan almighty the words:

"Random acts of kindness change the world"

This got me thinking about volunteering, we live in a world now where the opportunities to help one another are staggering, the internet especially is enabling us to witness an unparalleled amount of information.

But where to start?

After listening to independent journalists like Keith Harmon Snow speak, watching numerous documentaries about the levels of corruption that take place in NGO's it can be confusing and off putting finding the right one. I would urge everyone who is considering volunteering to do there research, if you really want to help then you need to work with people who are actually HELPING to find a solution to the problem.

If you would like to help people on a small and local scale I can really vouch for the following websites:

This website is great for anyone who has an interest in sustainable self build projects using natural materials. It's a fairly new site but has gained a lot of attention.

HelpX and Workaway are some other options for those that just want to help with anything that needs doing be it, cleaning, building, looking after animals etc.

If you'd like to help on more of a humanitarian level then you could check out a friends website Volunteer Latin AmericaVolunteer Latin America is an independent and ethical organisation committed to helping protect Latin America’s flora and fauna, its biodiversity, and to offering the most cost effective way to become an environmental or humanitarian volunteer in Central and South America.

There is also a similar website for Africa at: Volunteer 4 Africa
As well as one for Thailand: Volunteer work Thailand

If you're looking to volunteer then I hope this has helped you and wish you luck finding the right place for you!

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